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Experience a revitalizing shower with our RESET: Menthol Crystals Shower Steamers, one of our best-selling products. Let our amazing, invigorating, and relaxing steamers transform your shower into a spa-like experience. Infused with menthol crystals, these shower steamers offer therapeutic benefits such as cold and flu relief and acting as a decongestant agent. Take a moment to RESET and indulge in the refreshing and soothing properties of menthol with our shower steamers.

RESET: Menthol Crystals Shower Steamers

  • Unwrap shower steamer

    Turn shower on, adjust heat to desired temperature. 

    Right before entering shower, place steamer on shower floor.

    For stronger aroma, place steamer closest to your body. If aroma is too strong, place steamer near shower drain or furthest from your body.

    Inhale, Exhale!

    Steamer will dissolve with warm/hot water. Steamer will last approximately 8-10 minutes. 


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